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2015 – The Year to Come

by / 0 Comments / 183 View / January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

The last month of 2014 was nothing short of AMAZING for us at Minnesota Exposure!  We had no idea what the response would be like for this project, going into it. Now, as we sit teetering on our 400th member of the group, we can say the project has been successful in gaining the support of the community. The best part is we’re just getting warmed up!  There are some community oriented projects, in addition to the weekly competition, coming up in 2015 and we’d like to give you a little preview.

Community Project #1:


Taking a page out of the Ted Forbes school of community building, we will be holding a film-photography based competition where we’ll be sending film cameras out into the state for participants to use.  Each participant will be allotted a specific number of shots on the roll of film. When they’ve created their allotted images, they will send the camera to the next person and the process repeats. Once all the cameras are returned, and the film processed and scanned, we’ll hold a special competition for the participants in the project. We’ll also be creating a special gallery for the images once the competition is complete. Our plan is to do this at least twice this year.

Community Project #2:

The goal of this project is to mobilize the entire photography community in a single day.  Tentatively called “A Day in Minnesota,” we want everyone to head out with their camera and capture life in Minnesota as it happens. From sunrise to sunset, from the countryside to the cities. Play, work and all the in-between. The resultant product will be a book of images in chronological order visually detailing a day in our wonderful state with a credits section listing each contributor. As a participant, you will not have to shoot the entire day or supply a lot of images. You can shoot when you have time and only need to provide a couple of images.

Community Project #3:

We each have a unique artistic eye. The aim of this project is to merge those eyes to create a one-of-a-kind, community-based piece of art.  Called “Recording Sessions,” each participant will be given a set of GPS coordinates, some location clues and a reference image. They will then take a photograph from that spot and edit it in their own way. The photographs contributed will be used to create a composite iconic scene from our state via horizontal sections.  This project will run monthly, each with a new location.  At the end of the year we’ll have 12 unique pieces of work with literally hundreds of contributors. We’ll be looking for an exhibition location, hopefully multiple locations so all the contributors can get a chance to see the work.

More details will be published as we get closer to launching each project.

Charity Project #1:

A charity gallery.  The goal here is to raise funds for a Minnesota charity through art sales of donated work. We’ll find a gallery willing to host such an event and pool work from the community for the greater good. This project is in an alpha stage, so we’re still working on logistics.

It’s Your Turn!

If you have feedback, please make a comment or contact us.  Your input greatly helps our chances of success in each of these endeavors.

Thanks for a great 2014!

The Minnesota Exposure Team