Why Competitions?

Competitions are usually viewed in two different ways: useless, or useful for growth. We believe the latter view is the appropriate way to see competition. This is not to say that competitions whose winners are chosen by the number of likes or popular vote are ultimately useful to the entrant. We believe that growth comes from pushing ones art, or technique. From beginners to masters, we all need to continue our growth as artists.

Competition is the way we have chosen to help photographers grow in their craft. Our competitions are judged by people with varied backgrounds and degrees of photographic experience. Because of this, we can provide a well-rounded set of eyes with which to review submissions. If your photo does not win a particular competition, fear not, there will be another. You can continue to push yourself and achieve you vision with your camera. You can enter again, and again. You should not fear the judging process as it is there to help you.

Our competitions are held online on Facebook. Our Facebook group is where you will submit your photos. When you submit your photos you will need to include the daily category hashtag. Any images that are submitted without the proper hashtag will not be included in that competition.

We are planning to offer multiple types of competitions. First, we are offering an online competition via Facebook. Secondly, we are looking to provide opportunities for sponsored competitions for businesses, tourism bureaus, ad agencies, and charities. Please see the rules and the terms of conditions for competing in our competitions.