The following members volunteer their time to judge competitions.

Tomas Alvarez

Photography scratches the itch that is my need for creation. I need to create in order to feel. The simple act of pressing the shutter brings forth a new challenge, another riddle to solve, a new solution to provide in a way only I can. A new image brings new energy, and new opportunities.

David Parker

I was born in St. Paul, and I’ve lived here in Minnesota most of my life. I really can’t remember when I decided to be a photographer. It seems like it was almost beyond my control – I was always the guy who brought his camera whenever my friends and I got together. In 2005, I upgraded my film gear to digital and purchased my first digital SLR. Shortly afterwards I was showing a former co-worker my photos, and he urged me to join Flickr to share my work. That lead to one of my first showings at a local hospital in Stillwater, Minnesota. Since then, I’ve shown my photography at various locations around Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. My work has been published in magazines, newspapers, calendars, and online. My images have also been used as permanent displays in several buildings. I love history and exploring. Nothing’s more fun for me than traveling to a new (or old!) location and wandering around with my gear, looking for subjects to photograph. I’m so lucky to call myself a resident of Stillwater, Minnesota, for more than a decade now. This town has a great mix of history (it’s known as the “birthplace of Minnesota”), and the whole town begs to be walked and photographed. One thing you’ll notice about my images is the lack of people in them. Although I do occasionally photograph people, I really enjoy and focus my work on photographing buildings, bridges, sunrises and sunsets.

Michelle Shanblott

Educated in High School photo 101, 3 years in a 1-hour photo lab and mentored by one in a 365 project, I like to think of myself as a long-time, ninja amateur. I shoot mostly with a cannon DSLR but have medium format and 35mm cameras. I love black and white and everything else. I'm beginning to abhor HDR. When seeking CC, always consider the source and have fun!

Nicole Engstrom

3 years of constant photography learning and exposure, in addition to returning back to school for a third time for a Multimedia Web Design degree, has built up a long time passion of photography and graphic design for me. Ever since I was a young child I was attracted to color and anything that was artistic immediately fascinated me. Working as a nanny and numerous sales jobs through the years I realized that art, and the creating of all things stemming from art and photography was what truely what made me happy. I feel that photography,graphic design, and web design are all a wonderful way to express passion, meaning, thoughts, memories, and convey a lasting impression/message. Photography is a passion of mine and I love photographing anything from Newborn portraits to the outdoors! I pride myself on always accepting CC, continual learning, and meeting other photographers with the same passion as mine!

Tina Hailey

I have been in love with photography all my love life. I have only been able to afford for the last 8 years. LOL I am self taught, I may not know why and how all the time, but I not know what looks good and doesn't. I pride my self on being the best that I can. I love landscapes and wild life, my favor is reflections.

Barb Thompson

I have always loved photography since I had my first camera. I am fairly new to the DSLR world and have found a new passion since then. I love wildlife and nature photography, though I love to learn new things in all areas. My motto is that I can never learn too much.

Cedric Dean

I’m Cedric, a serious amateur who dabbles in different aspects of photography. Amateur? Yes, an amateur, but I do this for the “love of” and not restricted to calling this a job. I write code in my profession which is great, but does not give me the opportunity to display my creative side. I enjoy the methodical approach to creating art from capture to post-processing. Let’s connect and enjoy together.

Tom Carlstrom

IMy first real job was at a camera store after hanging out there a bit too much. Photography has always been an important part of who I am. I never took it too seriously until I nearly went blind. Several surgeries later my vision was saved and I can see better than ever. I started seeing things very differently after that - figuratively & literally. My goal is to tell a story with every shot and get you to give it a closer look. Most of my work is wide angle and I’m a recovering HDR addict.

Lisa Peterson

Observe, feel, connect. Click. This is my brain behind the camera. I document connection and emotion in my images because I believe strongly that we are all connected to each other. When I am in the flow of capturing this connection, it is as if the photographic process happens by itself and I am just observing. Back in my digital darkroom I transform from zen observer to creative perfectionist and doggedly work an image until I have what I envisioned it to be. Photography is my passion, my part time career, and the subject that keeps me up at night and gets me out of a warm bed before sunrise. I just can’t get enough!