Have you ever used a film camera before?

Now is your chance! MinneHolga is a film-based competition utilizing Holga cameras and 100 speed black and white film. Holga cameras level the playing field as everyone gets the same hardware to use. All you need is your photographic eye. Film processing and scanning will be done by our friends at Fast Foto and Digital in Edina, MN. We plan to get the cameras shipped out Monday, February 2nd. Please read all the details below. See below for the signup form.

There are only three moving parts you need know about to interact with a Holga camera: the film advance dial, the focus ring and the shutter lever. That’s it!! Because of the cheap quality of the camera, nothing is guaranteed when it comes to the produced image. Nothing is exact and that is the art behind the camera. See the video below from the Art of Photography Podcast by Ted Forbes.

Details about the competition

  • There are only 30 slots available for photographers, including Minnesota Exposure Judges (we’re not choosing winners).
  • Competition Sign-up ends February 15, 2015, unless all slots are filled prior to that date.
  • The final competition will be held in May.
  • Competition category: Favorite View. Show us your favorite view in Minnesota.
  • Representatives from Fast Foto and Digital will be choosing the winners.
  • Each participant gets two frames to use on the roll of film and two days with the camera before shipping it to the next person.
  • This competition is limited to photographers residing in Minnesota.
  • Each participant is required to pay the postage to send the camera to the next participant. Please send cameras via USPS.
  • Cameras will be packed in reusable boxes and shipped with labels.

Details about the Camera

  • Watch the video above for camera operation.
  • Cameras will be taped shut, please do not remove the tape.
  • Be sure not to open the camera.
  • We are not using modified cameras as per the video above.
  • Shutter speed is roughly 1/100 of a second.
  • Film speed is 100 (Kodak TMax B&W, ISO 100).
  • Calculate your exposure time accordingly if you are in low-light situations.
  • Remember to “focus” using the ring.
  • Instructions and notes for the competition will be included with the camera.  Please keep the box contents intact.

Signup Form

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Please list any dates you are not able to participate so we can route a camera to you when you are available.