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The end of the road for contests

by / 0 Comments / 350 View / March 20, 2017

With a change in the weather comes a change in Minnesota Exposure.

As you may have guessed by the headline, we are winding down our contests after the current edition. We’ve had a solid run, but we have to evolve like everything around us. We still have events going on! Cameras and Coffee events were hits, and we plan to add those for the Spring and Summer months.

We owe a lot of thanks to the community! Thank you all for your participation in contests and outings! Thank you for challenging us to learn and really dig into photography from a judging standpoint! Thank you for sharing your work with the community! Thank you for entertaining this idea!

We were blessed to work with some of the best in the Minnesota arts scene, throughout this process. Rock stars like Justin Strom of Paint Addict Studios, and Khanh Tran of the Dow Art Gallery are sheer joy to work with. They are visionaries beyond belief. If you haven’t worked with either of them on your projects, you’re missing out. West Photo, National Camera, and Fast Photo and Digital were wonderful sponsors, too.

I (Tom) would like to especially thank the team behind MNE: Barb Thompson, Jeff Henningsgaard, Dave Parker, Michelle Shanblott, Cedric Dean, Lisa Peterson, Don Tredinnick, Peter Berman, Tom Carlstrom, Nicole Engstrom, and definitely not least Lisa Ellison. I’d also like to thank early members: Tina Hailey, and Melinda Weir for their time as well.

You can keep posting and sharing your pics in the Facebook group as you have been. My thoughts are to keep our group Minnesota photography related, without policing. I encourage you to help us decide what to do by commenting in the group.

I think that’s it. Remember, we’re not saying “Goodbye.” We’re saying, “Let’s go outside!”

See you in a park this Spring / Summer,