Artist Profile: Amy Peterson

by / 0 Comments / 342 View / June 18, 2015

In celebration of Minnesota Exposure reaching it’s 1000th member, a random drawing was held. Out of the thousands of names, Amy Peterson was pulled from the throngs. Amy will receive a 16×24 canvas print from Paint Addict Studios and was nice enough to talk to Minnesota Exposure about her work and revealed a brave, strong back story worth hearing.

Q:  How and why did you get into photography?

A:  In April 2013, I decided to buy a “nice” camera prior to a trip to Colorado. I’d never taken anything other than pictures of friends/family with my phone or a point and shoot previously. When I returned from my trip, I just started going out and about taking pictures of random things whenever I wanted some time alone with my thoughts. And then my mother was diagnosed with Cancer. I struggled immensely with that. My camera provided me with an outlet to express the grief I was feeling about my mother. When my thoughts were heavy, my camera was always there. It got me through it, and my mother achieved remission at the end of February 2014. And then….I was diagnosed in April 2014 with breast cancer at the age of 37. Photography has been my method of coping.

Q:  What inspires or influences your photography?

A:  The last two years have been the best worst two years of my life. I have learned to slow down and focus on what matters most in life. My camera allows me to express the feeling that I may be looking at something for the last time in my life. It allows me to archive my feelings, thoughts, and visions. I shoot everything like it’s the last time I will ever see it again.

Q:  Do you have favorite subjects you prefer to photograph and why?

A:  There is beauty in everything if you allow yourself to see it. Therefore, everything is my favorite! However, if you had to pin me down to something I really enjoy, it would be rusty trucks and interesting bridges. I enjoy shooting in the fog as well because it evokes so many feelings.

Q:  What gear do you use and what do you use in post process?

A:  I shoot with a very, very low end DSLR, a Canon T3. I enjoy pushing it to its limits. For post, I have mostly shunned Photoshop or Lightroom. I prefer using Corel Paintshop. I’m a dark horse, what can I say?

Q:  Do you have a bucket list of places and/or things you’d like to photograph?

A:  I just want to shoot wherever the moment takes me. However, if that moment involves exploring the backroads and an old, rusty truck appears with a falling down barn or grainery in the background on an interesting cloud day at sunrise or sunset, I might be into that.

Q:  Where can people see your photography?

A:  Some of my photography is currently on display at Lake Avenue Cafe in Duluth. I will also be on display at the Zeitgeist during the month of September.
I was recently published in the Capture Minnesota IV book, and I will be featured in the Inaugural issue of Duluth Superior Living Magazine in July. I was just honored as a Distinguished Duluth Artist by the Duluth City Council. I am also a contributing photographer to the Destination Duluth Facebook page.

Here are links to Amy’s photography pages: