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Competition Starts December 3rd!

Competition starts Wednesday, December 3rd!  Our first competition category will be Minnesota Landmarks.  Be sure to use the hashtag #landmark with your entry.  I’m working on securing an awesome prize for our first ever competition.  Entries must be received before…

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The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead

Photography has been a passion of mine since I stumbled into it again in 2009 – I had enjoyed dabbling in photography in the past, but nothing I would call serious. And when I say stumbled, I mean I said “Give me that!” one afternoon that year to a friend, demanding use of her camera.

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Enjoyng The Wilderness

The Journey Begins

Here we are at step 1. Over the last few days, the content is getting shored-up and our processes have been hone. Soon, we’ll open the doors to the unknown. I thank you all for your involvement and look forward to building upon our relationships as we travel down this new road.

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